tormaresca winery

This new winery is located in San Pietro Vernotico (BR) in the D.O.C. of Salento, on an estate which stretches for about 800-900 linear metres along the coastline. It is the second winery commisioned by the Antinori family and the third built of the four commissioned. The project was quite complex to manage due to its size (over 10,000sq. m.) even with a limited budget. A winery is not a mere container of industrial machinery for wine production, it needs to tell the story of the wine that it priduces. The implementation of the project is not only because of the inevitable transformation of the surrounding landscape, but relates to the social and economic structure of the region, consequently the design mut be sensitive to this. The Tormaresca winery has the function of processing its own grapes as well as those from other vineyards, thus it becomes a large industrial building in all respects that provides value to the region due to the quality it produces all round. The company’s objective was to invest as little as possible while obtaining the highest yield, so we needed to design a formal and technological building of high quality within strict budgetary constraints. In its essence the projects expresses simplicy and clarity: a longitudinal development of parallel bands that follow the various stages of processing. A sizeable square for the assignment of grapes was founded by the remodelling of the land. It stands at a higher level than the areas of production, is open to the air however is protected by an extensive roof. The first three longitudinal bands which make up the winery are occupied by vinification and the aging in steel vats, the bottling section occupies the central band, and the last band houses the storage area and wine aged in glass. This functional linearity and distribution was supported by an immediate reflection of the relationship between the landscape and the local flora: the agave, the prickly pears and the pattern made by the olive groves. Furthermore, the winery produces red wines with a strong alcohol content that arises from the vineyards being inundated with sunlight and being caressed by the wind. The roof design is made up of wavy, parallel bands of aluminium offset from each other, reflecting the very sinuous shape of the leaves of the agave, but also of the sea nearby. Through its form and reflectiveness, the visual impact on the surrounding environment is reduced. The choice in colour for the walls and floors are dark to reflect the character and color of the wines of Puglia. It is evident that even with limited economic resources quality can still be achieved.

tormaresca srl
fiorenzo valbonesi
simone silvani, matteo selleri
niccolò de robertis (aei progetti), emex engineering

architectural design (preliminary and final) and artistic supervision

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